Police rule out mistaken identity in Tipu Sultan shooting

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DETECTIVES have ruled out the possibility of mistaken identity in the killing of Tipu Sultan.

In addition to putting together the route they believe the two killers on motorbike took to reach Lake Avenue and their escape route, they have spoken to those who witnessed the horrific moment they saw him shot.

Police know the pair had a brief exchange with Tipu in the back lane before the was shot.

One of them was heard to shout: “Go, go, go” in a North-East accent as they fled the scene.

One man, aged 35, from Newcastle, has been arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to commit murder and has been bailed.

Detective Chief Inspector John Bent, who is heading the inquiry, said: “There were several witnesses to the rear of the takeaway where the shooting took place.

“Several of them regard the pillion passenger as the one who was shooting.”

Whether the attack was a contract killing has not been ruled out, although Tipu’s popularity and incident-free life has left them with a lack of motive for the shooting .

Extra police patrols have been put in place in the Lake Avenue area as well as near to Tipu’s family home in Millfield, Sunderland.

Forensic tests are being carried out, while searches have made in South Shields, North Shields and on land of Lizard Lane, including Whitburn Golf Club.