Police make 26 arrests after burglary crackdown

House getting raided.
House getting raided.
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Northumbria Police has carried out two days of action across Sunderland and South Tyneside targeting suspected burglars.

Over the past two days warrants have been carried out at 17 addresses across both areas.

Preventing burglary and targeting those responsible is a 24 hour a day priority for Northumbria Police.

Superintendent Ged Noble

Twenty six people have been arrested - 24 men and 2 women - for a range of offences including burglary and people wanted on warrant.

In addition a further eight people were reported for summons.

Superintendent Ged Noble said: “Preventing burglary and targeting those responsible is a 24 hour a day priority for Northumbria Police and this specific operation is just one small, but significant, part of that ongoing work.

“The purpose of our activity in Sunderland and South Tyneside over the past two days is to target those we suspect are involved in burglaries at whatever level - whether it’s those carrying out the burglaries, those handling the stolen goods or those involved in conspiring to burgle.

“I do not underestimate the huge impact that being burgled can have on victims. It’s a violation of their home where they and their families are absolutely entitled to feel safe. Burglary also affects neighbours who understandably become concerned when they hear of crimes in their local area.

“Keeping our communities safe is our number one priority and we will continue do everything we can to make sure those who are suspected of causing the most harm are disrupted and stopped in their tracks.

“I want these two days of action to send a clear message to those involved in burglaries that you will be the centre of our attention day and night.”

As part of the operation, police are also urging residents to help keep themselves safer and deter burglars from their property.

Supt Noble added: “We’re making every effort to disrupt those we believe are involved in burglaries to help prevent further offences and are asking for members of the public to help us in our endeavour and make it even more difficult for them to offend.

“Having adequate - and visible - security measures in place can act ask as a deterrent and help prevent your property being targeted.

“At the very least we would always advise people to make sure they lock front and back doors - even if you are in the property - and make sure windows are closed if you are not in the room, particularly overnight.

“Other simple measures people can take is to make sure access to gardens or yards is secure and there is nothing in your garden or yard that could be used to break into your home - for example garden spades or ladders”.

“Homeowners may also want to consider installing a burglar alarm and security lighting - the initial cost could help prevent the expense, distress and inconvenience in the long run.”

“Lastly - good neighbours are vital in preventing crime - if you see anything suspicious please report it to Police as soon as possible.”

For further crime prevention advice visit the Northumbria Police website www.northumbria.police.uk.