Police dragged teenager from his bed after vandalising Chinese takeaway

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A TEENAGER had to be dragged out of bed by police officers who tracked him down after he caused £450-worth of damage to a Chinese takeaway.

Josh Major – also known as Josh Kellett – turned nasty with staff in the Peach Garden, in Penshaw, after one of his party found he could not afford to pay for the food he wanted.

The drunk 19-year-old had visited the Avondale Avenue takeaway at 11.30pm on January 10, with a group of friends, Sunderland magistrates heard.

Prosecutor Paul Anderson said that after one of the group said he did not have enough money, there was “some shouting” when they were asked to leave so the premises could close.

“The defendant then grabs onto the shutters with his hands as they are closing, but falls off,” Mr Anderson said.

“He then kicks the glass door a number of times and runs off.”

Police later found him asleep in bed at the home in Southcroft, Fatfield, which he shares with his grandmother.

“He ends up essentially fighting with the officers; they all end up on the floor,” Mr Anderson said. “At one point he has an officer’s leather glove in his mouth.”

When Major was eventually arrested he told police he had drunk eight cans of lager and accepted he damaged the shutters. When he was challenged by staff, he said, he lost his temper.

He later pleaded guilty to causing criminal damage and resisting a police officer.

Major’s solicitor, Sandra Fyfe, said: “It’s somewhat unfortunate that Josh reacted in the way that he did when it didn’t have anything to do with him.

“Josh involved himself in a discussion. It wasn’t he who didn’t have the money. Having grabbed onto the shutter the incident developed. He lashed out at the glass.

“He doesn’t accept he tried to bite the officer. Police came into his bedroom. He was in bed and reacted badly to their presence. He was lying in bed having had far too much to drink. He really didn’t want to get out of that bed.”

Major was given a two-month community order, with a 6pm-to-6am tagged curfew, and told to pay £455 in compensation.