Police catch 19 drink drivers in Sunderland during Christmas crackdown

Drink and drive checks.
Drink and drive checks.
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POLICE caught 19 drunk drivers who over-indulged in Sunderland over the festive season.

Almost five over-the-limit drivers were arrested each day during December across the Northumbria Police force area, new figures have revealed.

The month-long operation saw 19 motorists – 16 men and three women – arrested at different locations across the city. While across the region, 146 drink drivers were arrested.

Of the 146, 101 have been charged or summonsed with offences and will be appearing at court.

The force is pledging to continue to target drink drivers throughout 2014 and take firm action against anyone found drunk behind the wheel.

Inspector George Maratty, of Northumbria Police, said: “Drink driving costs and ruins lives and although we ran this specific operation during December, we will continue to pro-actively target drink drivers and get as many of them off the roads and in front of the courts as possible.

“We need the public’s help to keep drink drivers off the roads and they must tell us about anyone they think might be over the limit and behind the wheel.

“We take reports of drink drivers extremely seriously and a call reporting a driver who is over the limit could be saving lives on the roads.

“We will always act on information passed to us as it could be the difference between life and death, and anyone who sees a driver who they think has consumed too much alcohol to drive, is urged to report them to police straight away.

“Thanks to the work done in December, 146 dangerous drivers are now off the roads and are facing driving bans.”