Pigeon cree row attack

CLEARED ... Grant Dingwall was found not guilty of assault.
CLEARED ... Grant Dingwall was found not guilty of assault.
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A TRADE union boss was brutally beaten and bitten when violence flared over a pigeon cree row, a court heard.

Thomas Brennan, regional secretary for the GMB in the north, called at colleague Christine Weir’s home to drop off mince for her dog when he was attacked by her neighbour Grant Dingwall, it was claimed.

Mr Brennan told Newcastle Crown Court he had been having a glass of wine, when he heard a noise outside, and was attacked when he went to investigate.

Mr Brennan said he was left in “absolute terror” after Dingwall punched, kicked and then started biting him.

“He was gnawing away at my face, at my head, he was trying to get his hands up my nose, trying to gouge my eyes out, he was trying everything.”

Dingwall, 52, of King George Road, South Shields, who was making attempts to get an Asbo taken out against Mrs Weir because of her behaviour towards his pigeons in the past, denies assault.