Pet savaged and owner in hospital after dog attack

Toby the pet dog of Isabel Neasham, of Stephens Road, Murton that was attacked by by other dogs.
Toby the pet dog of Isabel Neasham, of Stephens Road, Murton that was attacked by by other dogs.
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THIS terrified little pet needed hundreds of pounds’ worth of treatment after being savaged by two other dogs.

Owner Isabel Neasham relived the horror of the attack near her Murton home, which left her needing surgery too for injuries she sustained as she desperately tried to protect her pet, called Toby.

The pensioner and Toby were returning to the house she shares with her disabled husband Alan at the time of the attack.

As they got to the village’s Gowland Square, a Rottweiler and a Staffordshire bull terrier-like dog set upon Toby, a miniature schnauzer.

As Mrs Neasham tried to protect her beloved pet, she was knocked to the floor by one of the dogs, and it then started biting her hand, chewing down to the bone.

The 68-year-old, a carer for Alan, 69, said the dogs “just bolted” for Toby before she could stop them.

“You have no idea how scary it was,” she said. “I’ve never been as frightened in my life, but I was more frightened for Toby than me.

“The dogs were pulling at him with their teeth.”

Passers-by then tried to help get the dogs off Toby and his terrified owner.

She said: “I don’t remember much, but apparently somebody hit one of the dogs with an iron bar to get it off.”

Mrs Neasham had surgery on Saturday as medics at Sunderland Royal Hospital assessed how much damage had been done to her hand.

She said: “The dog has bitten through to the bone, so the doctors had to open up my finger so they could see how bad it is.

“It’s been very hard, but we have had carers in.”

Toby also needed surgery for his injuries, leaving his distraught owner facing a £400 vet’s bill. He is now recovering at home.

Mrs Neasham added: “The vet said if the bite had been two inches further up, he’d be dead.”

Seaham’s neighbourhood policing team is investigating the attack, which happened at about 9am on Friday.

No arrests have been made in connection with the attack.