Pervert pensioner targeted men in toilets and bus queue

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A PENSIONER who groped men in a toilet and at a bus stop has been sent to hospital by a judge.

Durham Crown Court heard Robert Taylor, 79, has a long history of sexual offences.

“The first of the latest two incidents happened in a toilet at University Hospital in Durham,” said Michael Hodson, prosecuting.

“Taylor approached a man as he was using the urinal and tried to grab his groin.

“The man brushed him away.”

Mr Hodson said the second incident happened at a bus stop in North Road, Durham City, when Taylor approached a man, grabbed his groin and offered to commit a sexual act.

Taylor, of Bowes Court, Newton Hall, was charged with indecent assault on August 15 and on November 13, last year.

He was found unfit to plead to the charges at an earlier hearing, when a jury also decided he did the acts complained of.

Ron Mitchell, defending, said: “Mr Taylor has been assessed as suffering from bipolar disorder and dementia.

“Inquiries have now been made and a place is available for him at a hospital in Northampton.”

Judge Christopher Prince made Taylor the subject of an indefinite Hospital Order under Section 37 of the Mental Health Act, 1983.

The judge said: “I am satisfied the appropriate conditions for making the order have been met.

“Realistically, the risk in this case is mostly to the defendant from the reaction of people he may approach.”

Taylor was later released from Durham Prison and transferred by the prison escort service to hospital in Northampton.

He will remain there until doctors decide he is fit enough to return home.

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