Pervert lurked in back lanes to film drunk women urinating

McMorran preyed on drunk women in the Bigg Market area. Pic: Google.
McMorran preyed on drunk women in the Bigg Market area. Pic: Google.

A pervert who lurked around city centre back lanes taking secret videos of drunk women urinating has been put behind bars.

Daniel McMorran used his mobile phone to capture his "very intoxicated" victims on camera during their most embarrassing moments while out on the town.

Some of the women who realised what was going on ordered him to stop filming, and one victim assaulted him in a bid to seize the phone when she saw she was being captured on camera.

The 30-year-old admitted he had a "fetish" for female urination and had visited the Bigg Market area of Newcastle twice a week for months, capturing footage.

Newcastle Crown Court heard the graduate dad had a collection 23 separate clips involving various women, some just audio, on his mobile phone .

The shocking pieces of footage were found when police raided his home in December last year.

The court heard as well as the voyeuristic videos, McMorran had a collection of 81 still and moving images of child abuse, some of the most serious category, on his computer.

He also had an "extreme pornography" video showing and adult female having sex with a horse.

McMorran, of Garth Cottages, Hexham, Northumberland, pleaded guilty to possessing indecent photographs of children, possessing extreme pornography and voyeurism between July and December last year.

Prosecutor Emma Dowling told the court: "The defendant was going out, late at night, into the Bigg Market area of Newcastle, and filming females urinating in the streets.

"These females, the prosecution would say, are extremely drunk.

"It is obvious from the footage some of the incidents are happening well after closing. The females have retreated, in the main, behind bins to urinate.

"The defendant has, on his own admission, a fetish in this particular area, and he has been out and about with his mobile telephone, filming these ladies while they are urinating."

The court heard some of the video clips found on McMorran's phone contained only sound, but Miss Dowling said "it is clear what is happening".

Miss Dowling said none of the women featured in any of the footage have been traced and some were completely unaware of what was going on.

She added: "On a number of occasions the females can be heard asking for him to go away, leave them alone.

"On one clip it terminates rather quickly, he is effectively assaulted by one of the women, wanting the phone from him. She obviously did not succeed."

The court heard one of the women's private parts can be clearly seen on the footage McMorran had taken.

Judge Edward Bindloss sentenced McMorran to 20 months behind bars, and told him: "The judge told him: "You would go out late at night with your phone, looking for drunk young women who, when they started urinating, you would film them.

"You said you did this for many months. You would go in search of intoxicated women, who were therefore vulnerable, and film them, at a point when they least wanted to be filmed, for your curiosity and sexual gratification."

The judge said the women who realised they were being filmed "in their most embarrassing position" had to live with the fact a stranger had the footage on camera.

Judge Bindloss told McMorran: "In my judgement, you pose a high risk of sexual re-offending."

He was ordered to sign the Sex Offenders Register for 10 years and abide by a Sexual Harm Prevention Order for life.

Sue Hirst, defending, said McMorran, who has a long-term partner standing by him, has voluntarily sought professional help.

Miss Hirst said McMorran has never been in trouble before and has good work record.

She added: "In theory, he had everything going for him. He recognises the extent of the problem he has. He is ashamed of his behaviour, he knows it is wrong."