Pensioner conned out of £7K

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FRAUDSTERS cleared more than £7,000 out of a pensioner’s bank account in a phone-call scam.

Con artists tricked Alan Jackson into thinking he was genuinely calling his bank so they could get his details.

The 72-year-old ex-engineer, from Easington Lane, has now spoken out about the incident in the hope others will not fall into the same trap.

It began after Mr Jackson answered the phone in his house from a man claiming to be from Barclays security department, who said there was a problem with his account, and got him to call an official number for the bank.

It is thought the thieves had kept the line open when he hung up from the initial call to get hold of his details.

Barclays said it was an industry-wide scam, and those who fall victim to it have their losses refunded.