Pang of guilt made Sunderland TV thief turn himself in

Court story
Court story
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A MAN who handed himself in to police after stealing a TV has been jailed.

Jordan Rolfe forced his way into another man’s bedsit and helped himself to the £250 Toshiba TV.

But after stealing the set, the 19-year-old, from Sunderland, went to the police station and confessed his crime.

Rolfe, of Tatham Street, pleaded guilty to burglary when he appeared at Sunderland Magistrates’ Court.

He also admitted criminal damage to an address in Tatham Street, on December 20.

Paul Anderson, prosecuting, said after stealing the TV on December 28, he decided to come clean.

Mr Anderson said: “The defendant seemed to have an attack of conscience and walked into a police station just 24 hours later.

“He said ‘I kicked the door in and saw the TV and stole it. I might as well hand myself in, because you are going to get me.’

“As a result of information given to them, police went to Cash Converters on Blandford Street and recovered the TV.”

Mr Anderson added: “He was at his mate’s bedsit and said his mate went out.

“He saw the victim going out and broke into his bedsit.

“He hopped on the Metro and took the TV to Cash Converters and sold it.

“He used the £35 to buy some alcohol and some smoke.

“His record is a very lengthy one for such a young man.” Mr Anderson added that the damage was caused when Rolfe threw a pool ball through a window of a hostel he had been staying in.

Kashif Khan, defending, said Rolfe smashed a window at the premises in Tatham Street, after rowing with the landlord over rent he believed he was owed.

Regarding the stolen television, Rolfe admitted taking it but denied kicking the bedsit door open.

Mr Khan said: “He believes he forced it.

“After spending the money, which was not very much, considering the alleged value of the TV, he then decided it was not acceptable and went to the police station.

“There was not one shred of evidence against him.”

District Judge Roger Elsey imposed a 14-week prison sentence.

He told Rolfe: “Time and again the courts have tried to sentence you with community orders and time and again you have breached those orders.

“You went to the police and admitted you had committed the burglary and the property was recovered.

“These matters reduce significantly the length of your sentence.”