Owners devastated by suspected butcher’s knife attack on horse

Alison Cook with her injured horse Tommy.
Alison Cook with her injured horse Tommy.
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A HORSE needed more than 90 stitches after it was hacked in a suspected knife attack.

Andrew Blench, 41, and Alison Cook, 42, owners of the horse called Tommy, have been left distressed after they found him bleeding in his field in Pesspool Lane, Haswell, yesterday morning.

FIELD ATTACK: Tommy following the slashing.

FIELD ATTACK: Tommy following the slashing.

Officers believe a butcher’s knife could have been used to cause the cut to the side of his neck, which is about 12in long and about 4in deep.

A vet told the couple, who live next to the field, Tommy could have died of blood loss if they had found him any later.

The five-year-old trotter has recently been placed in the top three of 12 races and the outright winner of the other nine, but his training schedule has now been put on hold.

Andrew, who has a four-month-old son Isaac with Alison, and is originally from Houghton, said: “Whoever has done this has already been carrying a knife with them on the street.

“He could have died. We’re very upset by what’s happened.”

Durham Constabulary can be called on 101 or Crimestoppers contacted anonymously on 0800 555 111.