Off-licences caught selling to underage drinkers

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LAST orders have been called on underage drinkers.

Police and Trading Standards officers teamed up to cut antisocial behaviour by young boozers.

The drive saw test purchases 
carried out at off-licences in Usworth, Concord and New Herrington.

Three shop workers who sold alcohol to a youngster without asking for ID were given fixed penalty notices.

One woman, who was the licence holder, will be interviewed by Trading Standards to make sure the store is being run correctly.

Alcohol was also confiscated from youths hanging around outside a store in Concord.

Washington Neighbourhood Inspector Paul Stewart said: “Underage drinking is a catalyst for antisocial behaviour and this operation is part of our ongoing commitment to combating youth disorder and making our communities even better places.

“This should act as a warning to off-licences who are not being vigilant in asking people buying alcohol for ID that they will face the consequences.

“Members of staff should be reminded it’s their personal responsibility to make sure they only serve over 18s otherwise they will have to pay a fine.

“If the licence holder is caught selling alcohol to someone underage they will face an interview with Trading Standards and this could ultimately lead to them losing their licence to sell alcohol.”

Lisa Musgrove, Houghton Neighbourhood Inspector, added: “Preventing youngsters from getting hold of alcohol in the first place is an important step in tackling youth disorder, which is usually fuelled by alcohol.

“In addition to targeting those selling alcohol to under-18s, we will continue to target adults buying drink for people under age and are reminding them they could face a fine if they’re caught and if we find youngsters in possession of alcohol we will confiscate it.”

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