‘Obviously I stabbed her’ – man used knife to ‘get ex’s attention’ in Sunderland call centre incident

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A MAN who stabbed his ex girlfriend during a car park confrontation told jurors “I thought that the knife would get her attention”.

David Martin plunged a kitchen knife into Kate Taylor’s chest when she agreed to meet him in his car at the EDF car park in Sunderland, where they both worked, last May.

The 31-year-old told jurors at Newcastle Crown Court yesterday he did not mean for the blade to penetrate her skin and had held the weapon against her while trying to “pin her up” and make her listen to him.

Martin told the court: “I mean obviously I did stab her, I’m responsible for that.

“As soon as I realised the knife had went in and I saw the blood I took my hand off, I didn’t want the knife to go in, I only wanted to pin her up.”

Martin denies wounding with intent and is being tried by a jury.

He told the court he and Miss Taylor had split six months before the stabbing but had stayed in touch.

Martin said: “I did become reliant upon her, I became dependent, I didn’t have anyone else to talk to.

“You can’t have a best friend who is your ex-partner, I knew it would come to a point where we would not be meeting up regularly, would not be phoning each other all the time.

“I wanted to wean away from her.

“If at that point in time we just stopped having contact it probably would have had an adverse effect on me.”

Martin said he wanted to explain his feelings, which included suicidal thoughts, to Miss Taylor when they met up but felt he was not getting her full attention.

He said: “She pulled the sun visor down and started topping herself up, she put eyeliner on and lipstick on.

“I just thought that she wasn’t listening, I thought, because I was in such a state, a desperate state, I didn’t feel like I had her attention.

“I saw the knife in the bag and decided to pull the knife out and try and pin her up to get her attention.

“I thought that the knife would get her attention.”

Martin said it was Miss Taylor struggled when she saw the knife the blade went into her accidentally.

He said he had been carrying the knife around in a rucksack while thinking about harming himself, not anybody else.

The trial continues.