Obsessed woman’s chilling threats to ex-boyfriend

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Court News
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A WOMAN vowed to police she would stab a man she had a brief relationship with as soon as she was released from custody during a campaign of harassment.

“Volatile and aggressive” Lindsey Sue Bestford became obsessed with Christopher James after he broke up with her because he was worried about the impact of her behaviour on his young daughter, Sunderland magistrates heard.

Prosecutor Janice Bellamy said Bestford, 22, and Mr James started seeing each other in November.

“He stated he didn’t look for something serious and that early on in the relationship he had been concerned with her behaviour when drunk,” Mrs Bellamy said.

“In January he told her he didn’t want to see her anymore because he was concerned about her unpredictable behaviour.”

Bestford, of Saltburn Road, Springwell, continued to contact Mr James via Facebook and BBM.

“She made threats that she was going to jump off bridges and end her life if he didn’t get back with her,” Mrs Bellamy said.

Mr James told Bestford he had his daughter to think about and blocked her messages as she continued to harass him. “She would turn up at his house drunk and aggressive,” Mrs Bellamy said.

“He contacted police as he was scared of her. He thought she was quite volatile.”

Officers arrested and served her with a non-molestation warning to stay away from Mr James, the court heard.

However, on January 26, he was at home in Southwick when he heard banging on his window, the sound of kicking on his door, and Bestford laughing outside.

Police apprehended Bestford as she was on her way home, but 45 minutes later she returned to Mr James’s house.

“She was very agitated and aggressive and asked him to be friends,” Mrs Bellamy said.

“He made is clear to Lindsey he didn’t want anything to do with her.

“He had received 462 messages since the Saturday, but as he had blocked her he was unable to view them, they just showed up as blocked messages.” Bestford ran from police, but was arrested nearby.

Mrs Bellamy said a police officer called to the scene described Bestford as drunk with her eyes glazed and speech slurred.

While she was in police custody, she made “numerous” threats against Mr James, she said.

“When I get out of here I am going to stab him,” Bestford told officers, and: “I don’t care about any court orders. Nothing will keep me away from him.”

Mrs Bellamy added: “She told officers that as soon as she was released she would go straight around to his house again. She didn’t care, she wanted to hurt him. She would continue to harass him.”

She had pleaded guilty to harassment at an earlier hearing.

Brian Chapman, defending, said comments made to police had been an “unconsidered response”.

“Since this matter last came to court there has been no repetition of behaviour,” he said. “When she was arrested she was drunk and she was clearly angry. Lindsey has no intention of carrying these threats out.”

Bestford was sentenced to a 12-month community order with supervision and 100 hours of unpaid work. She was also told to pay £85 costs and a £60 victim surcharge.

Magistrates also imposed a restraining order, preventing her from contacting Mr James or enter the streets where he and his mother live.