‘Obsessed’ ex faces jail for harassing former girlfriend on Facebook

Court story
Court story
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AN OBSESSED ex-boyfriend has been warned he could face jail after harassing his former partner on Facebook.

Tony Hall sent his partner messages on the social media site in October, Sunderland Magistrates’ Court heard.

The 46-year-old broke a court order preventing him from contacting his victim after the pair broke up in August.

Hall, of Saint Luke’s Road, said to have been in a “violent and volatile relationship” with his ex-partner, also approached her at work twice and visited her home.

He was arrested on November 25, and accepted he had broken the conditions of the non-molestation order.

Hall, who represented himself in court said: “It’s my fault for not reading it properly.

“I only went to her house because I saw her in a nightclub behaving inappropriately for a woman of her age with children.

“The only person who will benefit from me breaching this order is her.

“It makes matters for me and my children worse.”

He was given 10 weeks’ imprisonment for three separate offences – sending messages on Facebook, and visiting her at work – suspended for 12 months.

District Judge Roger Elsey, said: “Quite clearly you need to change the way you behave.

“The offence is being made more serious by your previous convictions and your use of drugs. That needs to change.

“The pre-sentence report shows that you pose a serious risk of harm.

“Prison hasn’t changed the way you behave.”

Hall was also given a 12 months’ supervision requirement and ordered to attend a domestic violence programme.

Mr Elsey added: “If you commit a further offence in the next 12 months you will serve time in prison.

“Hopefully, a substantial use of probation services will change the way you behave.

“And a requirement that you complete the building Better Relationships programme will change the way you behave in future.”

Hall, also fined £85 in court costs, said: “I want to do everything you are saying.

“Exactly what you are saying.”