OAP biker’s licence court appeal adjourned

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A PENSIONER fighting the DVLA to get back on the road has had his appeal adjourned.

Motorbike-obsessed Eric Carlson, 77 from Sunderland, was left devastated when his driving licence was revoked after an accident.

Now, his day in court has been put off until later this year, to give him the option of undergoing driving tuition.

The father-of-two was told he was no longer safe to drive after failing a driving appraisal after his accident 18 months ago, while he was riding his 1957 Chinese military Chang Jiang bike to a rally.

After losing control on a roundabout, his sidecar clipped an oncoming vehicle, throwing him over the bike’s handlebars. The DVLA told him to have a medical and, shortly before Christmas, he had an appraisal of his driving skills in a car – as the agency had no facilities for conducting the test on a bike – and he was subsequently told his licence had been revoked.

His appeal was adjourned until May 15.