Notorious ‘Stevo Paedo’ pervert facing jail after flashing teenage girls

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A PERVERT known as “Stevo Paedo” has been told he could go to jail after he exposed himself to teenage girls making their way to school.

Steven Mewes would hang out in undergrowth, targeting children using a nearby path to walk to a school in Washington, Sunderland magistrates heard.

Two 15-year-old girls first spotted Mewes on May 22, but they carried on walking, and it was not until the following day that he exposed his private parts to them.

The girls saw the 33-year-old who appeared to be urinating, while making noises to draw their attention, prosecutor Paul Anderson told the court.

“June 3 is pretty much the same situation,” Mr Anderson said. “The girls are walking to school when they see the same man.

“As they get closer, one of them looks away to avoid him, but there is some noise made and the other girl looks across and his trousers are down around his thighs and she can clearly see his penis exposed. He has tissues covered in blood in his hands. The man just stands there.”

When the two girls bump into a friend, they realise that they are not Mewes’s only victims.

“She says ‘that’s him there, he’s been flashing me’, Mr Anderson said.

“These girls know him. He is colloquially known in the area as Stevo Paedo.”

On alerting school staff, police were called.

Mewes was arrested the following day after officers retraced the girls’ steps and found him in the same spot.

He was later picked out by two of the three girls on an identity parade.

“He was interviewed and said he didn’t do anything, and didn’t know anything about the incident,” Mr Anderson said. “He didn’t know he was called Stevo Paedo.” Having initially denied any responsibilty, Mewes later pleaded guilty to two counts of exposure under the Sexual Offences Act 2003, in that he intentionally exposed his genitals, intending that someone would see them and be caused alarm or distress.

Mewes has previously served a “substantial term of imprisonment” for a “very serious offence sexual offence”, the court heard.

Previously of Sulgrave, Washington, Mewes gave his address in court as a supported housing scheme in Fordfield Road, Sunderland.

Defence solicitor Ian Jordan asked for a pre-sentence to be prepared by the probation service.

“He has a long history of learning difficulties,” he added.

Mewes was bailed on condition that he does not go near any school.

The bench warned him that all sentencing options, including imprisonment, will be open to the court when he is sentenced on November 1.