Newcastle United supporters top league of shame for most banning orders with Sunderland 7th in Premier League table

Newcastle United's St James's Park
Newcastle United's St James's Park
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Newcastle United fans have the most number of banning orders against them to prevent them from going to football matches, new statistics have revealed.

A total of 13 Magpies supporters were banned from attending games last season meaning they have 132 fans who are not allowed to go to the games.

By contrast, neighbours Sunderland had eight fans banned last season, meaning a total of 39 Black Cats fans cannot go to games, putting them 7th in the Premier League table.

The number of banning orders Newcastle United fans are subjected to means it is the club whose fans have the most banning orders in the country out of all four professional divisions.

The figures were released by the Home Office.

The number of football banning orders in England and Wales has actually fallen for the fourth year in a row.

There were a total of 2,181 active banning orders in England and Wales between September 4, 2014, and September 8, 2015.

That’s four per cent down from the 2,273 active orders in 2013-14 and 31 per cent down from the high of 3,174 as at 29 November 2011.

A total of 484 new banning orders were issued in 2014-15.