Newcastle horse punch fan jailed for 12 months

Newcastle United supporter Barry Rogerson.
Newcastle United supporter Barry Rogerson.
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A football fan who admitted punching a police horse in the face after a derby day match has been jailed for 12 months.

Barry Rogerson attacked the animal outside St James’s Park after the game between Newcastle United and Sunderland on April 14.

The 45-year-old, of Bedlington, Northumberland, last month pleaded guilty to a charge of violent disorder and appeared at Newcastle Crown Court on Thursday for sentence.

He was jailed for 12 months and handed a six-year football banning order.

The case was heard today - three days before the rival football teams face each other again at the Stadium of Light in Sunderland on Sunday.

Robert Adams, mitigating for Rogerson, told the court: “Mr Rogerson was a man of good character.

“He is 45-years-of-age and he, perhaps more than any other, has had the humiliation of almost constant press coverage about his involvement.

“He is extremely embarrassed and ashamed of what happened. It has been difficult for him, but also for his family and friends.

“He has a very good work record of 22 years, it is only illness that stops him from working. He has never bothered the police before in any way and he has never appeared in any court. He lives on disability allowance and his wife is in employment.

“He is therefore a man of difficulties. He is not somebody who has ever supported or encouraged this type of behaviour.

“There is no question he had a particularly large amount to drink on this day. He had gone to watch the match, he was with a group of friends.

“Most of them were completely unaware what took place until afterwards.

“He was not involved in any trouble before the start of the match. He appears afterwards to have taken up a position at an early stage.

“When there was a line of Newcastle supporters facing the police he was joining in with the jeering that was taking part at that stage. Sadly for him he maintained his

position during the two sieges.

“He did not punch any human, officer or sunderland supporter in any way. No missiles or other weapon was thrown by the defendant.

“He has no previous convictions of any sort. It is not the case that he was involved in other acts of violence around the city centre.

“His wife has told him he is not going to another football match ever.”

He added: “Mr Rogerson has acted completely out if character while under the influence of drink.”