Nephew threw boiling water over uncle’s crotch in row at grandmother’s house

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A nephew who threw a kettle full of scalding hot water over his uncle’s crotch during an argument at an elderly relative’s home has been told to pay him £75 compensation.

Anthony Cryan, 27, had been drinking at his grandmother’s house in Washington, when he lost his temper with his uncle, Sunderland magistrates heard.

He is lucky his uncle did not receive a more serious injury.

Defence Solicitor Ian Jordan

Prosecutor Sue Baker said an argument broke out between the pair and Cryan then momentarily left the room.

“He returned with a kettle of boiling water and poured it over his uncle’s crotch area,” she said.

“Thankfully for the victim, he was wearing thick denim jeans, which saved him from a more serious injury.

“He suffered reddening and small blisters.”

Cryan, of Woburn, Biddick, Washington, admitted assault.

Ian Jordan, defending, said: “Mr Cryer is well aware that his actions could have brought about a really serious injury. He was intoxicated and that significantly altered his own behaviour.

“There is an exchange and Anthony goes through with this threat and he is lucky his uncle did not receive a more serious injury.”

Mr Jordan said Cryan usually got on well with his uncle, but said things had been tense since the death of his grandfather last November.

“His grandmother has attended court this morning with Anthony,” Mr Jordan added. “She has brought Anthony up since he was two days old and he is now her carer. She was present when this occurred.”

Cryan was sentenced to a 12-month community order with a 35-day activity requirement.

He was told to pay £75 compensation, £85 costs and a £60 victim surcharge.

Chairman of the magistrates’ bench Alan Richardson said: “This was a family dispute that got out of hand. It could have been a nastier injury. Getting boiling water anywhere is dangerous.”