Neighbour ‘flipped’ over crying baby and went to complain brandishing six knives

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A MAN irritated by the sound of his neighbour’s baby crying turned up on her doorstep armed with six knives in a bid to get the noise to stop.

Thomas Hetherington, 35, had lived next door to the woman in Neville Court, Washington, for two years and had become tired of being unable to sleep due to loud noise coming from the property.

He became sick of hearing his neighbour’s child crying and he flipped.

David Lamb, prosecuting

Newcastle Crown Court heard that Hetherington approached his neighbours property at about 6.45pm on the July 15 last year, armed with the knives.

Prosecuting, David Lamb said: “Miss Robinson heard loud banging on her door that sounded like someone was kicking it.

“She looked out of the window, but couldn’t see anything. She then went to check outside and opened the door to see Mr Hetherington swinging the knives around.

“She then slammed the door shut and rang the police.

“The police announced that he was heavily intoxicated, but did oblige when being asked by officers to drop the weapons.

“He became sick of hearing his neighbour’s child crying and he flipped.”

Defending, Glen Gatland, said: “Mr Hetherington had returned from working night shift and heard a child crying.

“He tried to sleep, but he couldn’t because of the noise. He then armed himself with the knives and went over to the house next door.

“He is currently on medication for depression and I believe this changed his approach. He effectively snapped.

“He is determined to turn his life around significantly.

“He is a hard-working man, sometimes doing 12-hour shifts and he is determined to keep out of trouble from now on.”

Judge Robert Adams gave Hetherington of Waterloo Court, Washington, Sunderland, a four-month jail sentence suspended for 12 months, 12 months’ supervision and 80 hours’ unpaid work, after he admitted affray.