Naked man wrestled raider armed with six knives in bungled burglary

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A NAKED householder wrestled a raider who had broken into his home armed with six knives.

David Dowe suffered wounds to his back and hand from the blades as he struggled with intruder Kevin Ord.

Newcastle Crown Court heard each time Mr Dowe managed to disarm the stranger, he produced yet another knife.

Despite the terror he faced, the brave 46-year-old householder managed to keep Ord restrained until the police got there.

Former Nissan worker Ord, 31, of Compton Court, Oxclose, Washington, was jailed for eight years after admitting aggravated burglary.

The court heard he was so high on drink and drugs he can’t remember being in the house that night.

Mrs Recorder Sarah Mallett said: “It is difficult to imagine a more terrifying experience.

“A knife was used on the householder and not just once because you continued to try and use a knife by getting another one out. The idea of someone in that state in someone’s home with six knives is terrifying.”

The court heard Mr Dowe and his wife Karen had been disturbed by a noise in their Washington home during the night on December 6.

Prosecutor Simon Worthy said: “He went downstairs to investigate.

“He saw a figure in the darkness in the corner of his sitting room.

“The defendant tried to push past him but Mr Dowe managed to overpower him and force him to the floor.

“Mr Dowe tried to grab his hand to restrain him and he could feel cold metal in one of his hands. He thought it was a knife.”

The court heard when Mrs Dowe came downstairs and put the light on in the room she saw the weapon.

As the struggle moved to the kitchen, Ord pulled out a second knife and Mr Dowe forced him to the ground again.

Ord dropped a further two knives while Mr Dowe fought to restrain him.

Mr Worthy added: “Mrs Dowe noticed her husband had two cuts under his shoulder blade.

“She could see that because he didn’t have any clothes on.

“He managed to detain the defendant until the police arrived.”

Ord had another blade inside his jacket and the sixth knife was found on the floor.

Property, including two laptops, had been moved in the house, seemingly with a view to being stolen before Ord was disturbed.

Mr Dowe told police: “I got the shock of my life.

“I can’t believe someone has entered my house in the middle of the night and attacked me with a knife.”

Nicholas Lane, defending, said Ord, who has previous convictions, is “shocked” by what he did and has no recollection of it.

Mr Lane added: “He is under absolutely no illusion that Mr and Mrs Dowe will never want to hear from him again but he would wish to apologise to them.”