Mystery over lamp posts snapped in half in Sunderland

Coun george Howe damaged lamp post
Coun george Howe damaged lamp post
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COUNCIL bosses are trying to find out how lamp posts in Wearside have been snapped apart, after complaints from residents.

A passer-by spotted a steel lamp post near Lambton Park, just off Lowry Road, Seaburn, had been vandalised just after 9.30am last Saturday.

The post, near Morrisons, was snapped in half horizontally, the wiring pulled out and plastic covering smashed off, breaking the light.

Coun George Howe, ward councillor for Fulwell, was also alerted to what had happened.

He said it is not the first time he has had reports of such damage.

Coun Howe said: “A lady called me three or four weeks ago about a similar incident.

“We got that put right and this is just an extension of what happened there.

“This is an ongoing situation that has been reported several times.”

Coun Howe said he thinks the problem is being caused by vandals or by people who want to try to sell the lamp posts on as scrap metal.

He added: “It’s the cost of it, and the irresponsibility of people.

“I looks like they have pulled the lamp post from side to side, snapped it and pulled the electrics out. There is no robust surveillance of the area, and this has been reported before.”

Coun James Blackburn, responsible for city services at Sunderland City Council, said: “If the problem is identified as vandalism, this is a criminal act and we will support our partners in bringing those responsible to account for their actions.

“We are working with our partners Aurora Street Lighting and Northumbria Police to establish the nature of the cause of the damage to lamp standards in the vicinity of Lowry Road.

“In the meantime, I urge anyone with information regarding this matter, or any other acts of vandalism they may see to contact the police on the 101 number.”

A spokeswoman for Northumbria Police said a report of the damage to the lamp post was received on Saturday morning, and the council and Lamp Post Highways Department is trying to establish the cause of the damage.