‘My boyfriend begged for his life’ – woman tells murder trial

Andrew Lucas
Andrew Lucas
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A MOTHER broke down as she told how she heard her boyfriend begging for his life before she came face to face with his alleged killer.

Vanessa Gibson said she heard Andrew Lucas shouting “no, don’t” before she found him slumped in a stairway, dying in a pool of his own blood after being stabbed.

Miss Gibson told jurors at Newcastle Crown Court that she saw a man with blood-soaked hands leaning over Mr Lucas, who said: “I’ve given him a good hiding”.

Mr Lucas, 20, died in November last year after a knife was plunged into his leg, severing a major artery.

It is claimed the killing was in revenge for a street mugging 20 minutes earlier, when Mr Lucas allegedly stole a mobile phone belonging to Mark Spalding.

It is claimed Spalding and pal Paul Mallin cornered Mr Lucas in the landing of flats in Oxclose, Washington, where he was stabbed and left to die.

Spalding, 45, of Kestrel Close, Ayton, and Mallin, 35, of Dunstanburgh Close, Washington, deny murder.

Miss Gibson, who had been in a relationship with Mr Lucas since 2009, told jurors he had attacked a man in the street in the early hours of the morning and taken his mobile.

Miss Gibson said that once Mr Lucas was inside his flat at Warkworth Close, he realised his own phone was missing, so went back out to look for it.

She said that after five minutes, she went outside to look for him.

She said: “I heard Andrew shouting. Andrew was shouting ‘no, don’t, no, don’t’.

“I went up the stairs and I saw Andrew lying there, in his blood. I saw a male. He was leaning over Andrew.

“Andrew was lying in his own blood, I went over to him and he was still alive then and holding my hand.

“I said ‘What have you done’ and he said ‘I’ve just given him a good hiding’.

She added: “He had loads of blood on his hands.”

Miss Gibson said the man with blood-soaked hands was the same man Mr Lucas had attacked earlier.

She told the court she heard a second male calling “Spud, ha’way, let’s go” before the attacker ran off.

She added: “Within seconds, he had gone. I kept going back and forwards screaming because I didn’t know what to do.”