Murderer ‘had no regard for the truth’

Mark Spalding
Mark Spalding
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DURING a hearing to determine if Andrew’s murderer had killed before, Judge John Milford said Spalding “has no regard for the truth”.

Spalding was tried for murdering an Indian security guard in Dubai in the 1980s and faced the death penalty but was later convicted of the lesser charge of manslaughter.

Spalding denied he was ever accused of murdering the guard and said he was only ever tried for manslaughter, for which he was cleared.

He said he was convicted of the lesser charge of being involved in a death, which was later overturned on appeal.

After a day of arguments and evidence, including press cuttings from the original case, Judge John Milford said he was satisfied Spalding was originally accused of murder.

The judge said: “I regard him as a witness who will say practically anything to assist his case.

“He has no regard for the truth and I am confident he was tried for murder and convicted of an offence which is the Dubai equivalent of manslaughter.”

However, the judge said he would not take the conviction into consideration during the sentencing hearing as prosecutors could not prove it was not later quashed.