Murder accused 'told woman he stabbed someone' just hours after killing, court told

David Wilson
David Wilson

A man on trial for murder confessed to a friend he had stabbed someone just hours after the killing happened, jurors have heard.

Daniel Johnson is accused of murdering David Wilson, 49, who was stabbed to death at the home he shared with his boyfriend Scott Hoyle, 36, in Southwick, Sunderland, in the early hours of December 14 2014.

Prosecutors claim the 20-year-old took Mr Hoyle's keys when he mugged him in the street then used them to get into the flat, where he carried out the killing.

Johnson, of Mulberry Gardens, Gateshead, denies murder and is being tried by a jury at Newcastle Crown Court.

Jurors have heard Johnson told a woman he was living with that he had stabbed someone in the neck when he got home, just hours after Mr Wilson was murdered.

The woman told the court Johnson "didn't seem bothered" about what he said he had done.

The court heard Johnson had been at a party in Sunderland and got home to Gateshead after 7am on the morning of the murder.

The woman told jurors: "He said he was walking home and came across a lad at the cash machine and tried to mug the lad of his card and tried to get the pin but the lad gave him the wrong pin so he followed the lad back to his address and followed him up the stairs.

"He said he got a knife from the kitchen, went through to the bedroom, where he said two blokes were, and stabbed one of them then left the premises and started walking back home again and done a burglary on the way home."

The witness told jurors Johnson had told her he stabbed the man "in the neck" and added: "He said he thought they were gay and I questioned him about that and he said they could have been friends."

She added: "He didn't seem bothered, didn't seem phased by what he had done."

The woman said he was "disgusted" by what she had been told.

She told jurors Johnson had arrived home that morning with an Ipod, Ray ban sunglasses, around £90 in cash, a set of keys and a swiss army type knife.

The court heard the woman had taken some of the stolen items to the police six days later and made a statement about what Johnson had told her.

Johnson denies murder.

The trial continues.