Murder accused told ex ‘you’re my soulmate, I made a mistake’ months before alleged victim’s death

Pamela Jackson
Pamela Jackson
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AN engineer told his ex-partner she was his “soulmate” and begged her to take him back in the months before he murdered the woman he had left her for, a court heard.

Adrian Muir left Susan Drake, who had been with for 32 years, to start a relationship with Pamela Jackson, who he met on-line, in 2012.

Prosecutors claim Muir murdered Miss Jackson at her Chester-le-Street home in March before burying her body, with a bunch of flowers in a plastic bag, on the moors in Halifax, West Yorkshire, where it was found two months later.

Muir, of Halifax, West Yorkshire, denies murder and is being tried by a jury at Newcastle Crown Court.

Giving evidence at the trial yesterday, Ms Drake told the court Muir ended their relationship to be with Ms Jackson in around April last year.

Ms Drake said after the split, she had just the “odd text” from Muir, until September 2012 when he contacted her saying he had made a mistake.

Ms Drake told the court: “He told me I was his soulmate and that he had made a mistake, he knew the first week he had made a mistake but he had to make the best of it.”

The court heard Muir started threatening suicide in the following weeks and was hospitalised in November 2012, before spending a week at Ms Drake’s house and then moving on to his mum’s.

Ms Drake said she heard very little from Muir until he turned up at her home in January.

She said: “He turned up on my doorstep one evening in January, begging me to take him back.

“I said no, I said I can’t.”

Ms Drake said Muir had turned up again a few days later in January and she had received a letter from his solicitor stating he was making a claim on her house.

After that Ms Drake said she cut contact and later found out he had been arrested for Miss Jackson’s murder.

Ms Drake said during their relationship Muir worked as an engineer and did dry stone walling.

She said he would regularly go fell running on the moors and enjoyed outdoor activities.

Ms Drake confirmed a shovel found in Muir’s car after his arrest did belong to him and that he had used it when out metal detecting, something he had not done for years, to her knowledge.

The trial continues.