Mum needed surgery after attack by ex-partner

Shaun Armbruster.
Shaun Armbruster.
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A MOTHER needed surgery after her internal organs were damaged by a kick to the stomach from her ex-boyfriend.

Her ruptured spleen had to be removed and her kidney was lacerated in the terrifying attack, during which she was threatened with a knife by Shaun Armbruster.

At Newcastle Court yesterday the 23-year-old attacker, of Ferryboat Lane, Hylton Castle, was jailed for seven-and-a-half years after admitting causing grievous bodily harm with intent.

Mr Justice Clarke told him: “You subjected your former partner to a terrifying ordeal.

“The injury required surgical removal of part of her body.

“The kicking took place with a shod foot and must have been very severe.”

Prosecutor Michael Hodson said the attack happened at Armbruster’s mother’s house in Sunderland, after he confronted his former girlfriend about seeing someone else and letting her new partner be around their two-year-old son.

Mr Hodson said: “When she sat down on the chair the defendant hit her in the face, and dragged her by the hair through the kitchen and dining room area.

“She is unable to describe how many times he hit her or how he hit her, but she has a recollection that she was lying on the floor next to the dining room table and was curled up on her side when the defendant kicked her in the stomach.

“She cannot remember how he kicked her or how many times.”

The court heard the woman believed she lost consciousness during the attack, in February last year.

She told police she remembered bleeding from the mouth before slumping onto a bed upstairs.

The next thing she remembered was Armbruster standing over her with a knife.

Mr Hodson said: “What he did with the knife was place the blade on the top of her left leg, on top of her clothes.

“She was very frightened, begging him to put the knife down and get away from her.”

The court heard the next thing the victim remembers was Armbruster’s mum returning from work and an ambulance being called.

A pathologist who examined her internal injuries said they were consistent with blunt impacts.

As well as the damage to he spleen and kidney, she had a lump on her head, grazing to her face and bruises to her arms.

Andrew Finlay, mitigating, said Armbruster had been the victim of a samurai sword attack not long before the assault and was showing symptoms of post traumatic stress, as well as mental health problems he was already suffering from.

Mr Finlay said Armbruster feels real remorse for what he did.