Mum left children home alone to go on drinking binge – then attacked an elderly couple and police officer

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A MUM left her children home alone while she went on a drinking binge which ended with her in the cells for attacking an elderly couple and assaulting a police officer.

The woman – who can’t be named for legal reasons – also dumped the ashes of her partner’s mother after an argument.

Peterlee magistrates were told the woman, of East Durham, was with a friend when she attacked the couple who were heading home. She initially fled before returning and attacking the couple again, punching the man in the head and pushing his wife into the road, injuring her hip and shoulder.

A police car happened to be passing as the woman launched the second attack, and pulled over to arrest her.

But during the struggle, she tried to bite one of the officers on the thigh and lashed out at the other in the abdomen and chest.

Officers went to her house and discovered she had left her children alone.

Vickie Wilson, prosecuting, said the woman’s partner had returned home during the evening to find his belongings outside and his mother’s ashes scattered across the road. She said he had left their home earlier in the evening to avoid an argument.

The woman admitted assault, ill treatment or neglect of children under the age of 16 and criminal damage, after destroying the urn on Friday, July 11. She also admitted two charges of assault by beating of the couple and two of assaulting a constable. She also accepted a breach of a conditional discharge imposed in April.

Martin Scarborough, mitigating, said the woman had been drinking that night, with a five-year gap between the recent problem and when she was last in trouble with alcohol.

District judge Kristina Harrison said: “This is extremely bizarre behaviour.

“These poor people were minding their own business and are attacked and then you run away like a wailing banshee. The poor lady was pushed into the road and could have seriously hurt her hip.

“You must have been drinking to some tune to get yourself in that state and while all of this was going on, you left your children.

“These were utterly appalling actions towards these older people and I think there may be some suggestion community reparation be addressed.”

The woman was given a 12-month community order with supervision, ordered to complete 10 sessions of an alcohol programme and ordered to pay £100 to each victim and a £40 victim surcharge.