Motorbike teen caught three times with false plates

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Court News
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A TEENAGER was caught riding his motorbike with false registration plates as he tried to hide the fact he could not afford insurance after losing his job.

Rather than give up his 125cc Qingqi bike, Anthony Grayson, 19, was stopped no less than three times using number plates belonging to a pal, Sunderland magistrates 

He was first spotted by officers in Bog Row, Hetton, on August 26, but as they signalled for him to stop, he sped off through a red light before he was apprehended. Prosecutor Paul Anderson said Grayson, of Tynedale Street, Hetton, was caught with the same false registration twice more the following month.

The defendant, who also does not hold a driving licence to drive that class of vehicle, was stopped on a fourth occasion, but this time the correct registration was used.

Grayson admitted three counts of fraudulently using a vehicle registration mark, four of having no insurance, four of driving otherwise than in accordance with a licence, and one count each of failing to stop as directed by police and failing to comply with a red light.

Paul McAlindon, defending, told the court that Grayson, who has never appeared in court before, suffers from a condition which could have made him think it was the right way to behave. He added: “The more serious offence is using the number plates that he placed on the bike. Thankfully nothing serious occurred in terms of any accident or anything of that nature. He accepts that driving without insurance could lead to more serious consequences.

“If he can acknowledge that this sort of behaviour is unacceptable it is unlikely that he will return to the court in the future.”

The bench decided that their sentencing powers were insufficient and sent the case to Newcastle Crown Court, where it will be heard during the week of February 23.