More than 17,000 Sunderland drivers given points on their licence

Craig Ramshaw
Craig Ramshaw
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DRIVERS in Sunderland are some of worst offenders in the North East.

New figures reveal the city centre has the highest number of motorists who have fallen foul of the law – totting up points up their licences for driving offences.

Almost 13.5 per cent of people in the SR1 postcode have clocked up points.

They are among a total of 136,810 drivers across the North East who have black marks on their licences.

Nationally, 30,850 men and 9,758 women aged 20 or under have up to six points.

Driving instructor Craig Ramshaw, from Ryhope, works with road safety charity Brake.

He said: “Young drivers probably have more chance of having an accident in the first year of driving.

“I am doing courses at the moment, where I go into schools and teach young people the dangers of speeding and not wearing a seatbelt.

“In fairness to young people, there is nothing in the educational programme to teach them about speeding and driving safely.”

Craig, whose firm specialises in teaching teenagers, is backing calls for the probationary period for new drivers to be extended from two to three years.

The Institute of Advanced Motorists said it is unfair to lay all of the blame with young drivers.

Neil Greig, director of policy and research, said: “I think many young drivers are caught because there is a focus on them.

“But very often they are motorists who are the most responsible, as they are yet to pick up any bad habits.

“We have seen a fall off in the number of people receiving dangerous or careless driving convictions, while there has been a rise in those caught by speed cameras, as police rely more on automatic methods.”