Model’s attacker branded ‘evil serial rapist’ by prosecutors

Cheryl Maddison
Cheryl Maddison
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A WAITER accused of a brutal sex attack on Wearside model Cheryl Maddison in Majorca is an “evil serial rapist” who should be jailed for 23 years, a court heard.

Prosecutor Jaime Guasp said Mohamed Fadel el Anssari, 31, preyed on vulnerable British tourists in the party resort of Magaluf.

Fadel, who has Spanish residency, should spend more than two decades behind bars and should then be deported to his native Morocco, the prosecutor said.

In his closing arguments following Fadel’s three-day trial for rape and attempted murder, Mr Guasp said police believed Fadel was responsible for a number of violent sex attacks.

He said: “The majority of foreigners who come here are hard-working, decent people.

“But there are some who come here who are bad people. This was a terrible, wicked act.

“Spain gave Fadel the chance to work and reside here and this is how he pays Spain back.

“We are dealing with an evil person, a serial rapist.”

Calling for Fadel to be jailed for 23 years – 12 for attempted murder and 11 for rape – Mr Guasp added: “If we want to stop this sort of crime, we need severe, harsh sentences.

“He should spend all of those years in prison and should then be sent back to Morocco, and he should never be allowed back here.”

The prosecutor said 25-year-old Cheryl, from Houghton had gone to Majorca to work and was not one of the “British hooligans” who behave appallingly in the resort of Magaluf.

Petite Cheryl was attacked at around 4am on 30 May 2008 as she returned home to her rented flat after working a shift in a bar.

She was raped, stabbed repeatedly in the neck, throat and back and left for dead.

She spent two weeks in hospital and doctors said she was lucky to survive.

Fadel was arrested in July 2011 after a lengthy undercover police investigation.

Detectives recovered a cigarette he discarded in the street and found his DNA matched that found at the scene of the crime.

The court heard he has twice confessed to raping and stabbing Cheryl and to a second rape of a British tourist in Magaluf in 2010.

In 2011 Fadel told police and an investigating magistrate he had attacked Cheryl because she refused to have sex with him when he approached her in the stairwell of her apartment block, the court heard.

Fadel told police he had taken at least two grammes of cocaine on the night of the attack and forced his way into Cheryl’s apartment when she refused to let him in.

In his closing speech, defence lawyer Carlos Portalo called for Fadel to be acquitted, claiming his privacy had been breached by police when they tested his cigarette butt for DNA.

Mr Portalo also said police had failed to follow procedure by carrying out the DNA tests without the prior authorisation of a judge.

But the prosecutor dismissed those arguments as “totally absurd”.

The panel of three judges will give their verdict in a written ruling.

They gave handcuffed Fadel the chance to say something at the end of the trial, but he only said: “I have nothing to say.”