Moat’s chilling warning: ‘I’m going to go crazy’

Raoul Moat
Raoul Moat
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A JURY has heard a recording of Raoul Moat’s phone calls from Durham Jail, which ended the gunman’s relationship with his ex-girlfriend and sparked his murderous rampage.

The first day of an inquest into Moat’s death heard about the conversations that took place while the 37-year-old was in the prison.

Moat spent a week on the run after shooting former girlfriend Samantha Stobbart, 23, and murdering her new boyfriend Christopher Brown, 29.

He shot himself in the head after a six hour stand-off with police at Rothbury, Northumberland, last July.

Police tasers had been fired at Moat during the confrontation.

The former doorman had been serving an 18-week prison sentence in Durham Jail last June when Miss Stobbart told him she wanted to split up for good and was seeing someone else.

Straight after his release from prison Moat shot at Miss Stobbart and executed her new partner Mr Brown, 29 in Birtley.

He then went on to blind Pc David Rathband, 43, in a separate shooting.

Police say the break-up of his relationship was the “catalyst for his murderous acts”.

On the first day of the 18-day inquest, which is being held at Newcastle Crown Court, police Superintendent Jim Napier said Moat was a father-of-five, who had children with four different women, and had been arrested 12 times previously..

Mr Napier said Moat had been in a long relationship with Miss Stobbart when he was sent to jail for an assault on April 30 last year.

It was while Moat was in jail Miss Stobbart finished with him for good, met Mr Brown and wanted to start a new relationship with him.

Mr Napier told the court: “It is clear from the evidence recovered during the investigation Moat’s break up with Samantha Stobbart was the catalyst for his murderous acts.”

Moat’s telephone calls from jail were recorded, in line with prison regulations.

In the last call between the warring couple, on June 29 last year, Moat told Miss Stobbart “I’m going to go crazy, man” and begged not to be cut out of her life when she tells him they are over.

Moat told her: “You are the only person I have in my life.

“Don’t push me out, I don’t deserve it.”

Over the phone, Miss Stobbart insisted their relationship was finished and she had a new man.

She said: “My intention wasn’t to go out finding someone else, but I do like him.”

Miss Stobbart told Moat she did not want him to meet her new man and did not want them to fight if they did meet.

She told Moat: “He’s a handy bloke anyway and he’s a lot younger than you.

“He will knock you straight on your arse Raoul, he will, you will get a shock.”

During an earlier call, made on June 10 last year, Miss Stobbart told Moat: “It’s over. I don’t want to be with you any more.”

Moat was heard saying: “Let’s not get silly about it.

“Don’t do this while I’m in jail.”

The coroner, David Mitford told the jury the purpose of an inquest is not to apportion blame, but to come to a conclusion about what the evidence suggests happened.

Mr Mitford said: “The deceased himself is not on trial, you need to bear that in mind.”

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