‘Mindless idiots’ hacked off horses hair

HORSE ATTACK ...  Carla Davison with  Kilty with  some of their mane  and tail which had bean cut off
HORSE ATTACK ... Carla Davison with Kilty with some of their mane and tail which had bean cut off
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A HORSE owner today slammed the “idiots” who chopped the tails and manes from her prized animals.

When Carla Davison checked on her two horses Kilty and Harvey, she was shocked to discover they had been shorn and their hair was blowing around the fields.

The devastated 45-year-old is now offering a £200 reward to anyone who comes forward with information leading to a conviction.

She said both horses will be affected by the attack, which happened sometime between Monday and Tuesday.

Harvey has a skin condition that is aggravated by flies – which he cannot swat away without his tail and forelock – while showjumper Kilty will not be able to compete until the hair has grown back.

But Mrs Davison says the cruelty will also have affected them mentally and she is now contemplating moving them from their home of five years, near Bank Top, in East Boldon.

She added: “I can’t believe someone would do this. Words can’t really describe how I feel about them, but mindless idiots comes close.

“Kilty will not be able to compete for another year at least and Harvey is in his 20s now so is getting on. His health will suffer because of this and I just don’t know what to do now.

“If people are coming in the field at night and doing this, who knows where they’ll stop. The horses could be seriously injured.

“I might have to move them now, but doing that would be cruel as well. It takes a long time for them to adjust and at Harvey’s age that isn’t good for him.”

Mrs Davison added: “If these people don’t know anything about horses they won’t know how much damage they have caused, and if they are horse people then they should know better.

“The hair is tough as well. It has taken a sharp blade to do it.”

The horse-lover, whose daughter Kirsty, 24, rides Kilty in competitions, has got together with two friends who also have horses in the field that were targeted by the yobs to put up the reward.

Mrs Davison, who lives in Hedworth, Jarrow, added: “It’s just off a main road and although it must have happened overnight, hopefully someone will have seen something.”

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