Middlesbrough football fan fined for assaulting a train guard on journey home from London defeat

Transport police have warned that misbehaviour by football fans will not be tolerated.
Transport police have warned that misbehaviour by football fans will not be tolerated.

A Middlesbrough football supporter has been fined £1,225 for assaulting a train guard and verbally abusing and threatening another member of train staff.

John Doi, 52, was part of a large group of fans returning home following their team’s 1-0 defeat to Crystal Palace in London on 25 February.

The group were travelling in Coach F on the 9pm Kings Cross to Newcastle train when they became disorderly and started shouting and swearing.

A disabled man and his friend travelling in the same carriage became extremely distressed by the group’s behaviour and alerted the train guard.

When the guard asked the group to quieten down, Doi verbally abused and threatened him with violence before grabbing him by the arm and pulling him backwards.

Fearing for his safety, he alerted a colleague who came to help. She too was also verbally abused and threatened with violence.

When the guard attempted to arrange for the disabled passenger and his friend to be moved to another carriage, he was further verbally abused and threatened.

Officers met the train at York but Doi resisted arrest and threatened to bite the officer’s noses off.

Doi, of Rutland Court, Middlesbrough, pleaded guilty to assault by beating and Section 4 Public Order and was fined £1,225 at York Magistrates’Court.

Inspector Richard Price said: “Doi’s behaviour was violent, intimidating, threatening and completely unacceptable.

“Other passengers on the train, including a number of families and children, were subjected to his appalling behaviour and understandably feared for their safety.

“We will not tolerate this type of behaviour, particularly towards members of staff who were simply doing their job and attempting to ensure other passengers had a pleasant journey, and I hope that this hefty fine will serve as a warning to others to deter others from engaging in football related disorder.”