Mark Shaw's family pay tribute to 'funny, generous and loyal' man as his killers face life in prison

Mark Shaw was killed in December last year.
Mark Shaw was killed in December last year.

The father of a man found tortured and murdered has said the hatred towards his son's killers is what keeps him going.

Today at Newcastle Crown Court, Zoe Warren and Keiran Adey, 20 and 19 respectively, were convicted of Mark Shaw's murder.

Mr Shaw, who lived in Grange Villa, Chester-le-Street, County Durham, was 29 when he was beaten, bitten, gagged and stabbed to death at his home in December last year.

Warren, of Chipchase, Washington, and Mr Shaw's neighbour Adey, of Queen Street, Grange Villa, both denied murder but have been warned today that they face life sentences following a guilty verdict from a trial jury.

Grieving members of Mr Shaw's family, including his parents and sisters, packed the public gallery when jurors delivered the guilty verdicts.

Dad Stephen Shaw, 54, who lives in Sunderland, said: "The only thing keeping me going is hatred.

The scene in Grange Villa after Mr Shaw was killed.

The scene in Grange Villa after Mr Shaw was killed.

"When an animal is like that it gets put down. I can't even call them animals because an animal kills to survive, to protect its young, not like this."

Mark's mum Valerie Watson fought back tears as she spoke about her much-loved son, who she described as "funny, so kind, generous and loyal".

She added: "He had never had a fight in his life, he was a peacemaker.

"He would always make people laugh, especially the kids in the family, they called him a clown and he called himself Merlin Mark because he did magic tricks.

Mark Shaw's family has paid tribute following the guilty verdict today.

Mark Shaw's family has paid tribute following the guilty verdict today.

"He would make friends laugh, make the kids laugh. He was invited to all the parties, he was the life and soul of the parties.

"All his life, I can honestly say, I have never heard him say a bad word about anyone.

"He took the blame so many times in his life for what other people did. That was just him.

"If he had lived he would have forgiven them and would have made sure there was nothing done to them.

Warren and Adey face life behind bars.

Warren and Adey face life behind bars.

"That was Mark. He didn't want to see anyone hurt."

Mark's sister Haley Richardson, 35, added: "There was about 600 people at his funeral.

"The police told use they had spoken to about 250 people after Mark was killed and not one person had a bad word to say about him.

"He has two children, but he did not know about the second one. He has got a baby girl he will never know.

"Her mother was only a few weeks' pregnant when Mark died and she didn't know herself that she was expecting."

Mark's other sister Micheala, 39, branded her brother's killers "evil" and the family, who are from Great Lumley, questioned whether Warren was ever actually Mark's girlfriend at all, saying he would have helped anyone and have them stay at his home for nothing if they needed it.

Mr Shaw's family have been overwhelmed by the support and tributes received after his death and said it gave them comfort to know he was loved and will be missed by so many.

Micheala added: "Mark was loved and respected by all who knew him, which was so many.

"The proof being hundreds at his funeral and the support we have had.

"Mark was nothing like the person he has been portrayed to be in court.

"Mark was funny, kind and loved by his family. He was harmless, never violent, did not see bad in anyone.

"Mark was adored and always will be. We will never be able to fill the emptiness in our hearts. This is the cruelest, most tragic, beyond-words thing that could have happened.

"We will never understand why."