Mark Shaw murder trial: Suspect 'happy' with boyfriend before he was tortured and killed

Mark Shaw
Mark Shaw

A woman has told jurors she was "happy" with her boyfriend before he was tortured and killed and has denied playing any part in his murder.

Mark Shaw was tied up, beaten, bitten, gagged, attacked with weapons and stabbed to death at his home in Grange Villa, County Durham, in December last year.

The 29-year-old suffered multiple injuries across his body in the "sustained" attack, which prosecutors claim was at the hands of his girlfriend Zoe Warren, 19, and neighbour Keiran Adey, 19.

His body was found, still bound at the ankles, in a bedroom at his home.

Warren of Chipchase, Washington, and Adey, 19, of Queen Street, Grange Villa, both deny murder and are being tried by a jury at Newcastle Crown Court.

While giving evidence from the witness box, Warren told jurors: "He was great, he was like my best friend, were were really close. I was happy."

Warren has admitted she was at the scene when Mr Shaw was "tortured" and killed by her co-accused but has denied being part of any violence.

Caroline Goodwin QC, defending, asked Warren: "Did you hurt him in any way on December 16?"

Warent replied: "I didn't, no."

Miss Goodwin asked her: "Did you do anything to encourage someone else to hurt him?"

Warren said: "No, I didn't."

Miss Goodwin asked: "Did you assault him in any way?"

Warren told her "no".

Miss Goodwin also asked: "Did you help assault him?"

And Warren, again, replied "no".

Warren said she was "in my own world, in shock, scared" after the killing and said she "wasn't thinking straight".

She said she had felt like a "coward" after the killing because she had not done more to stop it but had been "terrified" at the time.

Warren also denies a charge of intimidation in relation to an angry letter she allegedly sent to a new man, who she "turned on" after he became a witness in the case.

She told jurors the note was penned out of "frustration" and had not been intended to intimidate.

Warren denies murder and intimidation.

Adey denies murder.

The trial continues.