Man was ‘on rims of wheel’ during horrifying danger drive

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A MOTORIST went on a terrifying drive with a flat tyre after a heavy night’s drinking, a court heard.

Christopher Moore drove through busy pedestrian streets, ran three sets of red lights, almost hit pedestrians crossing the road and ended up crashing into another car.

Moore, 38, of Avebury Drive, Washington, was followed by a witness who blared his horn to warn pedestrians.

Newcastle Crown Court heard how the witness gave police a play-by-play account of events as they unfolded.

Kevin Wardlaw, prosecuting, told the court how the defendant drove through Barnes Park Road, Ormond St, Chester Road and St Luke’s Terrace in Sunderland, before crossing Queen Alexandra Bridge and finally smashing into another car.

He said: “The tyre was completely off the car by the end and he was driving on the rims of the wheel.”

Chris Morrison, defending Moore, said: “This defendant pleaded guilty at the first opportunity, he is the father of a six-year-old and is very sorry for what he has done, he has shown genuine remorse.

“He and his girlfriend had drunk an awful lot the night before, he estimated about a litre bottle of vodka each.

“When he discovered that his car had a flat tyre he decided to drive it to the garage, he sees now that he should not have done that.

“He describes his alcohol intake in July last year, when the offence occurred, as ‘completely unacceptable’, but he has reduced that significantly now.”

Moore pleaded guilty to dangerous driving and was disqualified for three years. He was also handed a four-month prison sentence suspended for a year.

Judge Penny Mooreland called Moore ‘reckless’ and ordered him to pay £800 court costs.