Man used Kinder eggs to hide heroin in his body

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A DRUG addict who was found with heroin hidden in his body three times has been jailed for six years.

Brad Roberts spent most of a large inheritance received by his girlfriend on the drug, Durham Crown Court heard.

Mark Styles, prosecuting, said police searched Roberts’s home in July, 2011.

“He was on the sofa,” added Mr Styles. “He was clutching a Kinder egg which officers formed the impression he was about to secrete about his body.

“It was found to contain 14.7g of heroin at 13 per cent purity.

“Also found were scales and a small amount of amphetamine. Officers estimate the value of the heroin to be about £1,500 if sold in £10 wraps.

“Roberts said he had paid £300 for it.”

The court heard Roberts was followed by police to his home in August of 2011.

Following a strip search, police recovered 5.4g of heroin.

Roberts was arrested again in February of last year.

“He was taken to Peterlee police station,” said Mr Styles. “On this occasion, he declined to be strip-searched and shouted ‘rape’ at the officers.

“Eventually, another Kinder egg was recovered from him, this one contained 7.35g of heroin.”

Roberts, 38, of Ninth Street, Horden, admitted three charges of possessing a class A drug with intent to supply it.

He has previous convictions for drug offences, including supplying heroin in 2006 for which he was jailed for 54 months. Gavin Doig, defending, said in mitigation: “He was buying in bulk for himself and his girlfriend.

“There were limited sales to others and he made very little financial gain. He has since made some effort to come off heroin, and his health has improved.”

Jailing Roberts for six years, Judge Christopher Prince told him: “You have an appalling record for drugs offending.

“One might have thought the sentence of more than four years would have deterred you from dealing, but it did not.

“I accept the supply was to a limited number of people who you knew, but heroin does not discriminate – it hurts everyone.”

The drugs and £540 cash seized from Roberts was confiscated.

A hearing will be held later in the year to decide if any other assets he has can be seized as the proceeds of crime.