Man threw boiling water over new girlfriend – then held knife to her throat

Michael Parks
Michael Parks
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A man has been jailed after throwing a cup of boiling water over his girlfriend and holding a knife to her throat in two violent attacks.

Michael Parks was in a relationship with his girlfriend for just four weeks last November when he boiled the kettle and tossed a cup of boiling hot water at her, burning her body and legs.

Newcastle Crown Court heard how she attended the hospital for treatment but told staff it was her fault as she was scared of the repercussions from Parks.

The burns caused redness to her body but fortunately she was not permanently scarred.

In February this year, the 33-year-old lashed out at his girlfriend again, at her home in Sunderland, Tyne and Wear, when she told him she did not have enough money to give him for a hair cut.

He punched her to the side of the face causing a big lump to her face before punching and slapping her around the head.

He pulled her head against the wall before pulling out a huge knife he had down his trousers and holding it to her neck.

Parks told her he was going to kill her while jesting towards her with the knife making stabbing motions.

Kevin Wardlaw, prosecuting, said: “She was placed in fear for her life. She feared she was going to be killed during the assault.”

The court heard how Parks calmed down and was about to leave her address but continued with the assault.

Parks, of Durham Prison, admitted two offences of assault occasioning actual bodily harm and threats to kill while already subject to a community order.

Stuart Graham, defending, told the court: “The sooner this defendant learns to control his temper in relationships the better.

“The problem he has been having is he’s not been accepting these relationships moving on.

“He was really concerned that she’s perhaps been seeing someone else and he has got to learn he cannot behave in the way he does.

“The defendant had the good sense to plead guilty.

“He didn’t change anything, he waned to be dealt with as soon as possible.”

Judge Robert Adams told Parks: “You boiled the kettle, filled the cup and tossed it at her.

“You caused her unpleasant burns.

“Burns are extremely painful, I am pleaded to hear there was no long term scarring but she must have been in a great deal of pain at the time.

“The hospital were suspicious because they contacted the police but you weren’t arrested that time.”

The judge told him the second attack must have left the victim terrified.

He said: “You produced a large knife which you had upon you, held it against her neck and told her on a number of occasions you were going to kill her.

“It must have been a terrifying experience for her.

“Only an immediate custodial sentence is appropriate in this case.”

Judge Adams sentenced Parks to two years and three months in prison.

He also handed him a restraining order against the victim until further order.