Man threatened to become ‘suicide bomber’ and blow up Sunderland police station

Gillbridge Police Station, Sunderland.
Gillbridge Police Station, Sunderland.
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A MAN threatened to become a “suicide bomber” and blow up a Sunderland police station during a 40-minute phone call to the ambulance service.

Daniel Wayne Green first told an emergency operator that he would set himself on fire before then threatening to place a bomb at Gillbridge police station, Sunderland Magistrates’ Court heard.

I will be a suicide bomber and blow up Gillbridge.

Defendant Daniel Green

Prosecutor John McGlone said police received a call from the ambulance service at 3.27pm on December 29, that Green, 35, was making threats against Gillbridge police station.

“He said ‘I’m going to Gillbridge to place a petrol bomb and then set myself on fire’,” Mr McGlone said. “He made threats to harm police and threats to harm himself.

“He said ‘I will be a suicide bomber and blow up Gillbridge’. The call lasted a further 37 minutes.”

Green was apprehended at Park Lane and searched by police, Mr McGlone said, telling the officer: “I will bite your nose off. It won’t be assault, it will be a Section 20.”

After his arrest, he stated in his police interview that he could not recall the threats he had made.

Green, of The Avenue, Ashbrooke, admitted sending a false message by public electronic communications network to cause annoyance, inconvenience or anxiety.

Brian Chapman, defending, said: “As I understand it, the trigger that gave rise to the telephone call was that he had returned from a spell away to find his front door had been kicked in.

“He was going to set fire to himself and called the ambulance service. He started to make the threats.

“Clearly at the time he intended to be believed, but he didn’t believe he would carry them out.”

Mr Chapman said Green had become angry when neighbours told him that police had broken his door down, although he said there was no documentation of this.

However, he added: “I believe his past is such that it was likely it was the police.

“He says he made the phone call, he accepts that. He was having legitimate mental health problems.

“That, no doubt, exacerbated his anger. It was perhaps a situation that could have been worse had it not been caught early.”

District Judge Roger Elsey, said: “These were serious and very worrying threats which needlessly engaged the resources of the emergency services.

“I have taken account of the fact that you committed the offence during a time of psychiatric illness, and I take account of the fact that you are now in treatment and are stable.

“I will impose a fine as a punishment on this occasion, but you may go to prison if you repeat this behaviour.”

Green was fined £200 and told to pay £60 costs and a £20 victim surcharge.