Man stole suntan lotion to order to repay debt

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A MAN stole suntan lotion to order after he was given a “shopping list” by unsavoury characters he owed money.

Michael Slee, 33, made off with £152.96-worth of sun cream from Asda in Leechmere Road, Grangetown, on February 19.

He was given a shopping list of items to take.

Defence solicitor Joanne Gatens

Prosecutor Lee Poppett said Slee and an unknown male were seen by security staff at 4.40pm.

They selected a large amount of suntan lotion, which they placed in a trolley and pushed around the store.

The pair disappeared from view only to re-emerge with an empty trolley, the court heard. CCTV footage showed Slee place the sun cream in his backpack and leave the store. He was later arrested, telling officers he had sold the items for £30.

Slee, of Merrington Close, Moorside, admitted theft.

Joanne Gatens, defending, said: “He has been trying to keep himself occupied and active and has joined a gym.

“He has then ended up owing some money to the sort of people you don’t want owe money too.

“He was given a shopping list of items to take.”

Slee was fined £73, told to pay £85 costs and £20 surcharge, along with £152.96 compensation to Asda.