Man snapped mum's favourite kitchen knife when he caused thousands in damage to friend's car

A Washington man snapped his mum’s favourite kitchen knife while causing thousands of pounds of damage to a friend’s car, a court heard.

Anthony Nicholson-Wood, 22, used the blade to scrape the tyres, one side and bonnet of his friend’s 2013 registration Ford Fiesta.

He then snapped it while holding it to shatter the vehicle’s back windscreen just after 5.40am on Saturday, October 26, South Tyneside Magistrates’ Court was told.

The court heard it caused more than £2,000 damage to the vehicle.

The case was dealt with at South Tyneside Law Courts.

Prosecutor Lorna Rimell said Nicholson-Wood had earlier been seen by witnesses at a house he stayed in overnight picking up knives and saying he was going to kill.

She added: “[The vehicle owner] has been with the defendant on the night before, they’ve been staying at some house that night.

“About 5.40am the defendant woke up [the victim] to ask for a lift. There was an altercation between them, some pushing and shoving.

“When they get outside the address, the defendant has approached him, he’s carrying a knife at that time. He runs towards him.

“The defendant has then gone on to damage his car with this same knife. The knife has been run along the tyres and side and the bonnet and the rear windscreen, which has shattered. The knife has broken.

“There’s reports from other witnesses at the house that night and it was said that the defendant was behaving oddly and picked up knives and said that he was going to kill someone.”

The court heard £225 of damage had been caused to the rear window and £2,714 in total.

Greg Flaxen, defending Nicholson-Wood, who is of previous good character, said: “I’m not making light of this. It was his mother’s favourite knife. Both his mother and father were away for the weekend.”

The case against Nicholson-Wood, who pleaded guilty to causing criminal damage to property valued under £5,000, was adjourned to March 6 at the same court for the preparation of reports.

Nicholson-Wood, of Bridekirk, Albany, was granted bail on condition he does not contact prosecution witnesses.