Man knocked out by single punch

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FUN-LOVING Arthur Ford was the life and soul of a family bash while strutting his stuff on the dance floor.

But he finished his night in hospital after he clipped a fellow reveller – and was knocked clean out with a punch to the face in return.

The 49-year-old, who had travelled from Manchester to attend a family function at the Mountain Daisy pub, in Millfield, Sunderland, went home nursing a broken jaw after the run-in with Stuart Lilley.

Newcastle Crown Court saw CCTV footage from inside the pub which showed the men, who were the sole dancers on the floor, horsing around together and shadow boxing.

Mr Ford seemed to make a movement towards Lilley, 32, who then clutches his face then immediately lays out the older man with a single, solid blow.

Prosecutor Michael Bunch told the court: “Mr Ford’s recollection of events is affected by the nature of the assault.

“He recalls nothing until waking up in hospital.

“He had a fractured jaw as a result of the attack.”

Lilley, of Woodland Terrace, Penshaw, admitted causing grievous bodily harm in relation to the incident on October 16 last year.

Mr Recorder Graham Cook sentenced him to a community order for 12 months, with 120 hours’ unpaid work, and ordered £200 compensation to be paid to Mr Ford.

The judge said; “You were dancing on the dance floor, as indeed was the complainant.

“It seems you then started shadow boxing and for whatever reason, we don’t know because there is no audio, something broke out between you and the complainant and resulted in him slightly hitting you then you throwing a retaliatory blow, a heavy blow, which knocked him out, down to the ground.

“There may well have been more serious consequences of that action. People die from that sort of action.

“You are lucky nothing more happened to the complainant than it did.”

Jamie Adams, defending, handed in references to Lilley’s usually positive character and said he was a hard-working man who is not heavily convicted.