Man knifed girlfriend then took the dog for a walk

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THIS thug has been jailed for 10 years for slashing his girlfriend’s face after they argued over a computer game and loud music.

Carl Lunn repeatedly knifed his petrified victim with one hand while pinning her to the floor with the other.

After bringing the attack to a close, he left her lying soaked in blood while he took the dog out for a walk, only calling for help when he returned.

The 23-year-old had claimed his partner’s former boyfriend had burst into the Easington Colliery house and carried out the attack.

But the suspect was ruled out by police after they spoke to the ex and confirmed through CCTV footage he was elsewhere at the time.

At Durham Crown Court, Lunn admitted wounding with intent on the basis the victim had struck him first after a row over the volume of music.

Although the Crown Prosecution Service queried the basis of his plea, Judge Peter Kelson said he would deliver his sentence without the need for a trial of issue.

Prosecutor Oliver Thorne said the attack took place on January 20, when Lunn’s 21-year-old girlfriend picked up a £500 loan.

They bought a computer game and a large amount of booze, much of which they drank on their return to home to Angus Street.

Mr Thorne said the mood deteriorated after a disagreement over the game then the volume of the music.

Lunn headbutted her, threw her to the ground and stamped on her back.

He went to the kitchen and returned with a knife, slashing her across the face and neck, causing her to lose a large amount of blood.

The force of the blow caused the blade to buckle and handle to split from it.

The victim passed out, and her condition was made worse due to the time it took to get help while Lunn walked the dog, the court heard.

Despite the brutal assault, she refused to give a victim impact statement and has started writing to the defendant while he has been in custody waiting to be sentenced.

Joe Hedworth, mitigating, said Lunn claimed to be the most drunk he could ever remember, and his memory of the incident was hazy.

He said that there was an element of provocation, although Lunn admitted he had gone far too far in response and was now sorry for what he had done.

Judge Kelson described the attack as “gratuitous brutal violence” on a vulnerable victim, made worse by Lunn’s failure to seek urgent medical help and trying to say someone else was responsible.

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