Man jailed for beating ex-girlfiend unconscious

Daryl Moore assault
Daryl Moore assault
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An attacker has been put behind bars after being caught on CCTV beating his former girlfriend unconscious.

Daryl Moore was captured on camera throwing pieces of a broken pint glass at his victim, punching her repeatedly and kneeing her in the face when she was already down the on the ground.

The 24-year-old carried on the violence, described as “horrifying” by even his own barrister, after the 17-year-old victim lost consciousness.

At Newcastle Crown Court yesterday Moore, who admitted assault, was jailed for 12 months over the attack, which started outside the Cross Keys pub in Washington.

The full shocking footage of the attack was played at the hearing. Judge Deborah Sherwin told him: “It is a matter of purely good fortune she does not sustain more significant injuries than she did.

“It is clear at the time you were intending to cause more serious harm than actually did result from the offence.”

The court heard despite the ferocity of the attack, the victim walked away with just cuts and bruises.

Prosecutor Neil Palliser told the court the couple, who had lived together in Sunderland, were at the end of their relationship when they agreed to meet at the bar.

The pair started arguing in the beer garden at the pub and he poured a drink into her handbag. Moore, now of Sedgewick View, North Yorkshire, then threw a pint glass at her, which smashed, and he went on to hurl the broken shards.

He was caught on camera chasing her into a nearby car park, where he kicked and punched her.