Man jailed after threatening to rape teacher’s wife and burn down his house

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A MAN who assaulted a teacher and threatened to set fire to his house has been jailed for 14 months.

Thomas Slack said he would rape his victim’s wife and set fire to the family home, Durham Crown Court heard.

Slack was made the subject of a restraining order which banned him from going near his victim’s house, but he breached it by walking past the property with a friend.

Slack, 24, of Hawthorn Close, Kimblesworth, admitted breach of a restraining order on July 19 last year, and breach of a previous suspended sentence for possessing drugs.

Michael Hodson, defending, said in mitigation: “The breach of the restraining order was more out of irresponsibility and negligence, rather than out of a firm intention to carry out the threats.

“Mr Slack meant no harm to the victim, as is shown by the fact that when challenged he simply kept walking.

“He wishes to apologise for his behaviour and is now fully aware court orders must be complied with.”

Judge Christopher Prince jailed Slack for 14 months.

The judge told him: “The original threats must have been terrifying for your victim. The fact you meant no harm when you walked past the house is not the point.

“Doing so caused your victim a great deal of fear.”

On release from prison Slack will be made the subject of a new restraining order.