Man fined £1,100 for attacking redhead in Sunderland pub toilets ‘because he was ginger’

Court snatch: Sunderland Magistrates' Court: John Dixon.
Court snatch: Sunderland Magistrates' Court: John Dixon.
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AN unprovoked and violent attack on a redhead in a Sunderland bar has cost the drunken culprit more than £1,100 in court costs and compensation.

John Dixon, 26, launched his assault on the victim in The Establishment in Low Row after dishing out an insult for being a redhead, Sunderland magistrates heard.

He said ‘Oi. You ginger ****’ – the injured party being a ginger person.

Prosecutor Paul Anderson

Dixon, of East Vines, pleaded guilty to assault by beating earlier this week, in relation to the incident on November 7, and was back in court for sentence.

Prosecutor Paul Anderson said the victim and his girlfriend had been out celebrating buying a house together, and were getting ready to go home at 11pm.

“The injured party decided to pop to the gents’,” Mr Anderson said. “He was the only person in there. This defendant walks in and says ‘Oi. You ginger ****’ – the injured party being a ginger person.

“The defendant was seen to get in a boxing stance. The injured party tells him ‘I think you have had too much mate’ and he turns to stand facing the urinal.

“He is then punched from behind and it strikes him on the nose. He attended hospital and his nose was realigned under general anaesthetic, the injury is still noticeable.”

Probation officer Paul Grace, who had interviewed Dixon about his circumstances, said: “His intention on the night in question wasn’t to have a significant amount of alcohol. He was coaxed into having more than usual. He tells me he had five or six pints of lager and a couple of shots of spirits and he didn’t feel significantly under the influence of alcohol and felt under control.

“What he would not accept is that he called him a ‘ginger ****’ He couldn’t remember the exact words used, only that it was not as offensive as that, but accepts he did call him a name.

“He was under no provocation whatsoever when he caused the injury and he is worried about the ongoing effect on the victim.”

The court heard Dixon works six days per week in a manufacturing job in the motor industry and that he has applied for promotion to a management position.

Bench chairman Mrs Atkinson told him: This was a very serious assault and custody under similar circumstances wouldn’t be far from our minds. But you seem genuinely remorseful and you had a good character until this fateful night.”

Dixon was fined £580 with a £58 surcharge and was told to pay £500 in compensation to his victim.