Man could face jail over loud Elvis hits

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IT COULD be a case of Jailhouse Rock for a tenant if he continues to blast out Elvis hits.

An injunction has been taken out against William Elliott after a catalogue of complaints were raised against the 50-year-old.

Easington based police officer Sgt Paul Footes.

Easington based police officer Sgt Paul Footes.

East Durham Homes (EDH), which rents out a flat to him in Saturn Close, Easington Colliery, led the action with the support of police.

It was launched after reports of shouting abuse at neighbours, threatening residents with violence and playing loud music late at night became increasingly serious around September.

The King’s music was among the tracks played by Elliott late at night, causing a disturbance to others living in the complex.

After an initial court hearing at Sunderland County Court, Elliott was served with an interim antisocial behaviour injunction by EDH.

A further hearing took place earlier this year at Newcastle Combined Court, where Elliott admitted he had caused a nuisance and annoyance to others by playing loud music.

The original injunction was then extended for 12 months.

Under the terms of the injunction, Elliott is forbidden from engaging in behaviour which would cause a nuisance, annoyance, intimidate, harass or threaten people in the neighbourhood.

The injunction will be in force until January 17 next year and includes the power of arrest.

This means that if a breach is suspected, Elliott can be arrested and put before a criminal court.

A breach of an injunction could also lead to a period of imprisonment.

Amanda Fulcher, EDH’s senior enforcement officer, said: “People have the right to live in peace and quiet, and East Durham Homes will take whatever action is necessary to protect that right.

“This action demonstrates to the public how East Durham Homes are working closely with the police and are taking effective action to deal with antisocial behaviour.”

Police say there have been no disturbances at the flats since the last court hearing, and they are keeping a daily check on the issue.

Sergeant Paul Footes, of Easington Neighbourhood Policing Team, said: “Working together, the police and EDH have been combating antisocial behaviour.

“Nobody should have to put up with such a disturbance, and there are a load of people who live in those flats.

“This injunction will mean we now have the powers of arrest, which will give other residents peace of mind.”

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