Man buried murdered girlfriend with bunch of flowers in moorland grave, court told

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A MAN murdered his girlfriend then buried her with a bunch of flowers in a “well prepared” grave 120 miles away, a court heard.

Adrian Muir beat Pamela Jackson to death and then made taped confessions about what he had done, it is claimed.

Miss Jackson’s body was found buried on moorland in West Yorkshire in May, two months after the 55-year-old vanished from her home in Chester-le-Street, County Durham.

Fingerprints found on a Tesco carrier bag containing flowers, which had been buried with her, matched Muir’s.

Prosecutor Andrew Robertson QC said the flowers may represent a “sign of contrition” by Muir after the killing.

Newcastle Crown Court heard telephone and satellite evidence proves he was on the moors the night she went missing, and investigators found three taped “confessions” in the form of an abandoned “suicide note” he recorded on his mobile.

The recordings were played to jurors, and Muir could be heard talking about an “absolutely great” day spent with Miss Jackson and her family on March 2.

He claims in the first recording “things went wrong”, and she had ordered him out of her house at The Crescent.

He then said: “She were like a bloody devil. She got my knife and tried attacking me with it, and I got it off her and shoved her down and she hurt her head and that.

“I can’t explain, but it were a disaster and I’m heartbroken.

“I can’t live. I can’t live anymore.”

During the second recording, Muir speaks about money and talks of killing himself.

In the third, Muir speaks of Miss Jackson, whom he called Chrissie, and said: “I love Chrissie to bits, but she isn’t here now and I did a terrible thing.”

Mr Robertson said the tapes represent “what we say is a clear confession in a period of remorse that has now disappeared”.

Muir, 50, of Calder Terrace, Halifax, denies her murder and is being tried by a jury.

Mr Robertson told the court: “I venture to suggest, if what I have told you was the sum of all the evidence in this case standing alone, it would adequately prove that this defendant was the murderer.

“He is traced to the grave site the night she disappeared, and his fingerprints are found buried with her on that bag.”

Mr Robertson added: “Despite all that, this defendant refuses to face up to what he has done, refuses to face up publicly to the grievous crime he has committed, hence this trial and your task to determine his guilt or innocence.”

Mr Robertson said Miss Jackson’s blood was found in her home and in Muir’s car, and fibres found on duct tape also link him to the grave site. He was caught on CCTV cleaning the inside of his silver Kia car at Morrison’s car park in Chester le Street within days of the killing and continued texting her mobile in a bid to cover his tracks and convince her family and friends she must be still alive somewhere.

In one such text, he said: “Love you always and forever and ever sweetheart.”

In another, he said: “Hi baby, waiting for you to text me.”

The court heard the couple had been together for about a year after meeting through a dating website.

During a series of text messages in the weeks leading up to her death, the couple had argued and she had goaded him about having another lover.

Muir denies murder.

The trial continues.